The Willow House & other amazing plants, including food crops!

The Willow House was created in the spring of 2016

The Willow House is another favorite feature in the Children’s Garden! Have you ever sat inside its cozy walls? It was created from around 20 long branches cut from a tree at Jane Addams Middle School. “Teacher Emily” brought them to the Children’s Garden, then at the Magnuson Nature Programs’ 2016 classes for home-schooled children and the spring break camp, kids stuck the branches deep into the ground on the garden’s west hillside. Willows are one of the most amazing plants in the world for their ability to grow strong roots right out of any cut branch that is submerged in water or wet soil.

Here’s what it looked like only 3 years later in July 2019!

The Willow House branches soon grew new leaves as well as roots, and after only 4 years they are already 10 times as big as they were when planted!

A group-composed song from the 2017 Botanists Camp

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