Volunteers have been the mainstay of Magnuson Children’s Garden since 2001

We warmly welcome you to volunteer at Children’s Garden events and/or behind the scenes in Children’s Garden support activities!

Volunteer power has been the “little engine that could” in the Children’s Garden for its first 20 years, and we hope you’ll join in the fun to help keep it going strong this year too!

There are several easy ways to volunteer:

Stewardship Events: Help with simple gardening tasks at any of our 2nd Saturday events during each month from April-October, or at any of our Monday morning events from May to September. You don’t have to be an experienced gardener to volunteer, because all our stewardship events are guided by knowledgeable, longtime gardeners. To attend a stewardship event, pre-register on our SignUp Genius page.

Classes: Assist an experienced teacher at any of our 2nd Saturday garden classes during each month from April-October. Tasks are simple: helping with class setup and cleanup, passing out supplies and educational materials, etc. And for Master Gardeners, assisting at a class counts as CE too! To assist at a class, pre-register on our SignUp Genius page.

Behind-the-scenes support: The Children’s Garden Committee is active year-round, planning events and education, dreaming up new garden features, and more! For more information, visit the CG Committee webpage and/or contact the Children’s Garden Committee Volunteer Coordinator at childrensgardenvolunteering@gmail.com

Thanks for your help in sustaining the Children’s Garden!

We may also be able to schedule a free custom stewardship event for your scout, campfire, community, family or corporate group between April and October, with a minimum of 4 weeks advance notice. For more information, contact the Children’s Garden Committee Volunteer Coordinator at childrensgardenvolunteering@gmail.com

Q: What happens at our stewardship events?

A: Our events are fun for novice gardeners as well as experienced ones, and parents are always welcome to bring their children!

Typical activities include simple tasks such as planting, fertilizing, and/or pruning plants, weeding and mulching beds and paths, and watering during the summer months.

We provide bottled water and single-serving granola bars or other refreshments for all stewardship volunteers.

King Co. Master Gardeners and/or other experienced gardeners are always on hand at each event to guide volunteers, and answer your home gardening questions too!


  • Right now, we have a limit of 15 total number of attendees at our 2nd Saturday garden stewardship events, and a limit of 5 attendees at our small weekday events, to allow for social distancing and provide a good garden leader-to-volunteer ratio.

  • We have a supply of disposable masks for any attendees who would like one.

  • We supply hand and tool sanitizers, a soap and water sink, and all garden tools, but we ask that volunteers bring their own garden gloves if they have them. If not, we will supply a freshly-laundered pair to use while you are in the Children’s Garden.

For more information or any questions about our events or “behind the scenes” support activities, please contact the Children’s Garden Committee Volunteer Scheduler at childrensgardenvolunteering@gmail.com.