From 2018-2020, former Children’s Garden Committee  member and Magnuson Nature Programs teacher Emily Bishton hosted a 1/2-hr radio on SPACE 101.1 FM each month.  Even though the show is no longer on the air, you can still listen to it and learn about Magnuson’s wildlife, plants, and more! 

Each episode has a different nature or garden theme, from Tree Frogs to Eagles, from favorite Snack Walk plants to Dragonflies, from Crows to Native Bees as small as a grain of rice, and more!  Each episode is filled with fascinating facts about the nature theme of the month, and where to go on a fun walk to find it in the park.  Most episodes also features interviews with children sharing their favorite nature exploration experiences in the park, or with local scientists and biologists who are experts on the types of wildlife that live in Magnuson Park.  Enjoy!

  • Tree Frogs, with special youth guest Jonah Kessler-Cohen!  Broadcast February 2018
  • Crow Stories, with special youth guests Hannah & Abby Popchuk!  Broadcast March 2018
  • Favorite Snack Walk Plants with special youth guests Lucy Sera and Katherine Greenway!  Broadcast April 2018
  • Spring migration and Magnuson’s Barn Owls! Broadcast May 2018
  • Bees and other Pollinators, with special youth guests Maia and Lily Fei!  Broadcast June 2018
  • Worms and other Soil Critters, with special youth guest Troi Moore!  Broadcast July 2018
  • Dragonflies and Damselflies, with special guest entomologist/ornithologist Dennis Paulson!  Broadcast August 2018
  • Beavers, with special guest expert Elyssa Kerr from Beavers NW!  Broadcast September 2018
  • Pumpkin History & Lore, PLUS Favorite Nocturnal Creatures with special youth guest Karla Fox!  Broadcast October & November 2018
  • Favorite Nature Places in Magnuson Park, Parts 1 & 2, with special youth guest Finley Ross!  Broadcast December 2018 & January 2019
  • Where do Wildlife go in Winter? Part 1: bees, butterflies, ladybugs, reptiles, worms and other “soil critters”, mice, bats, and songbirds!  Broadcast February 2019
  • Where do Wildlife go in Winter? Part 2: beavers, frogs, turtles, aquatic insects, ducks and other waterfowl! PLUS the design and creation of the Children’s Garden, with special guest and garden co-founder Cindy Hazard! Broadcast March 2019
  • Time Traveling in Nature, back to what Magnuson Park was like 200 years ago!  Broadcast April 2019
  • Children’s Garden Memories, with special guest Max Pfeiffer (now a college graduate) who was part of the group of kids who helped design and create the garden in its very first years!  Broadcast May 2019
  • Pacific NW Bats, Parts 1 & 2, with special guest Wildlife Biologist Christopher Anderson from the WA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife!  Broadcast September & October 2019