The Benefits of Outdoor Learning

The Children & Nature Network lists the following benefits for all children:

  • Increased physical activity;
  • Healthy development of a sense of self and independence;
  • More ability to focus in school and other indoor activities;
  • Better quality of sleep;
  • Reduced ADHD symptoms:
  • Overall mental and emotional well-being.
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The National Environmental Education Foundation lists the following benefits for students:

  • Creates enthusiastic students and innovative teacher-leaders;
  • Promotes better academic performance;
  • Helps build critical thinking and relationship skills:
  • Promotes real world problem-solving;
  • Fosters leadership qualities;
  • Makes school subjects rich and relevant;
  • Fosters “self-directed learners”;
  • Connects students to their community;
  • Helps to engage kinesthetic learners and integrates experiential activities into learning.
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We agree with all of the above, with one important addition: it’s tons of fun!