The Children’s Garden is located right behind the Brig building, and across the street from the Playground Area.

Click on the link below for a full size version of this park map:

2018 Magnuson Park Map

From the Playground Area, the Children’s Garden is super easy to find: Walk north on the sidewalk, then cross NE 74th St. at the 4-way stop. Take a few more steps down the sidewalk, then look on your left for the giant mosaic eyes and tail of the Grey Whale Garden!


Arriving by car: 

IMPORTANT INFO! The Seattle Department of Transportation is closing the NE 74th St. entrance to Magnuson Park from Monday August 9th thru Friday August 27th, as part of the Sand Point Way NE Corridor Project. Visitors will only be able to use the 65th St entrance to enter the park during this closure. After you enter the park at NE 65th and Sand Point Way, drive down the hill and turn left on Sportsfield Drive. Then drive past all the sports fields to get to the W-6 parking lot, which is across NE 74th street from the Children’s Garden. 

At all other times, it’s easiest to enter Magnuson Park through the main entrance, at the intersection of Sand Point Way NE and NE 74th St.   The Children’s Garden is 3 blocks east of this entrance, and the closest parking is in the W-6 lot.


Arriving by bus:  Bus routes #62 and #75 stop at the intersection of Sand Point Way NE and NE 74th St, which is the main entrance to Magnuson Park. The #74 Express, which runs during rush hours only, also stops at the park entrance.  The Children’s Garden is a quick, 3-block walk east of this entrance.


Arriving by bicycle:  Enter Magnuson Park at the Sand Point Way NE and NE 65th St. entrance (There is a protected bike lane from the Burke-Gilman trail to this intersection).  Once you enter the park, the safest route is to ride down NE 65th St and take the second left turn at Sportsfield Drive, then ride north to the first 4-way stop.  You can park securely at the bike rack in front of the Playground or at the rack in front of the Brig building.

To contact the Magnuson Children’s Garden Committee,  send an email to