The Lookout, and what might fly by while you’re up there

You might feel like you could fly right up to meet the birds!
Story-time fun at a 2016 nature camp

The Lookout is the highest spot in the Children’s Garden, and you can see a very long way from all sides! It’s a fun place to watch the birds, insects, and clouds pass by, to sit and read a story, or just enjoy the sound of the wind in the trees.

Have you ever taken a walk up the Children’s Garden “snail trail” to get to The Lookout? You can also get there by taking the “roly-poly path” up from the log pile or the whale tail, then turning uphill onto the Salmon Survival Path. No matter how you arrive, it’s a fun place to be!

There are also round stepping-stones up there to play hopping games on, and you can look down on the Pollinator Garden to see who is visiting the flowers. You can also look down to the Willow House and its songbird nest box, in case there’s a new family living there. If you’re there with your own family or friends, you can look down at the Rolling Lawn to see who is taking a spin!

Want to learn more about some of the creatures that might fly by while you’re in The Lookout?

American Goldfinch, our state bird! Photo by Lizzie Ferguson
Owlets “branching” to strengthen their wings

If you’re out and about when the sun goes down, you might also see some noctural fly-bys!