Tide Pool Gardens and Starfish Garden, oh my

Ocean tidepools are found along the edge of a rocky shoreline, and the Children’s Garden three Tidepool Gardens are too!

The sedums and other plants growing in them were chosen because they look like what lives inside a real tidepool. Have you ever taken a “swim” over to the Tidepool Gardens to take a close look?

Playing the “scratch n sniff” game at the July 2019 Children’s Garden multi-language signage dedication event

The Starfish Garden is just “upstream” from the Tidepools, and though it’s hard to see in this photo, people are standing right inside its arms and belly! This garden is surrounded by colorful and fragrant flowers and herbs, and has big rocks to sit on. If you sit a while, you might see butterflies warming their wings there too!

Starfish are one of the many living things that make their home in ocean tide pools, and there are many other creatures who love to visit tide pools too: