The Log Pile and all that lives there

Welcome home, bugs!
Everyone can use their own unique combination of log pile “ingredients”

The Log Pile is a place in the Children’s Garden where anyone can come and build their own bug house, worm cave, fort, castle, and more. This “imagination station” has been one of the most popular features in the garden ever since it was created, and is also a fantastic place for learning about decomposition, “compost critters”, physics, balance, tree rings, branch collars, and more.

It’s always fun to check out the log pile each time you visit, to see what others have constructed, and what’s living there! The wood is soft, so there’s not much chance of getting a sliver, but we do suggest bringing your own gloves to wear while building your own creation… and keep an “eagle eye” eye out for the super cool-looking red spiders and other living things that make their home in the log pile.

Here are some fun resources to use whether you’re building in the Children’s Garden or your own backyard:

There are lots of other incredible beetles in the world, and even though you won’t see these two in the Children’s Garden, we think you’ll like learning about them!