The Salmon Survival Path and other superheroes of streams

When you “swim” the Salmon Survival Path all the way to the Lookout, you will find the spawning grounds!

The Salmon Survival Path illustrates and honors the long and perilous journey that Pacific Northwest Salmon have to make during their lifetime, to get from the ocean to their freshwater spawning grounds. the many dangers that they have to survive along the way.

The beautiful mosaic pools and steppingstones that portray each step of the salmon’s journey were handmade by 2nd and 3rd graders from Thornton Creek Elementary School, their teachers, and parents. Have you ever “swam” this journey in the Children’s Garden, and found all the other animals, plants, and perils that a salmon must pass by to reach the spawning grounds?

Did you know that the edge of the Magnuson lakeshore can be a great late-summer spot to watch Salmon fry swimming by on their way to Puget Sound?

The life cycle and biology of the Salmon are very unique, as there are not very many other creatures in all the earth that can live part of their lives in saltwater and part in freshwater!

Rivers and streams are home to other animal superheroes too: