The Bog Gardens and life in the wonderful wetlands

The Bog Gardens in the Children’s Garden are made from cracked “kiddie” wading pools that were buried in the ground and filled with soil. They hold water for a long time, just like the seasonal ponds in the Magnuson Wetlands. The plants growing in them thrive in the wet soil, like these giant Gunnera that are nicknamed “Dinosaur Food”… and I bet you can guess why!

There are many names for natural areas that hold water: bogs, wetlands, swamps, marshes, fens, and more. But no matter what they are called, they have this in common: their soil stays moist because it is able to hold rainfall, storm-water, and/or groundwater for all or part of the year.

There are many plants and animals that need the special kind of habitat in these naturally wet areas for their food, water, shelter, and nesting places. The Magnuson Wetlands are a great place to visit and see this type of unique habitat, and the living things that make their homes there year-round, or that migrate in for a few months each year.

Whenever you go for a walk in the Magnuson Wetlands, remember to use your “eagle eyes” to spot as many living things as you can, please keep your dog on a short leash, and stay only on the gravel trails so you don’t step on the plants or frighten the animals- thanks!

Check out these resources to learn more about the living things that thrive in bogs and other wonderful wetlands: