Our Sponsors and Partners

Since its beginning in 2001, Magnuson Children’s Garden has been fortunate to have the support of many local individuals, businesses, and organizations.  These valued sponsors and partners have made it possible for the Children’s Garden Committee to ensure that the garden is well maintained, and to continue to add new garden features and programs to benefit all visitors.  Our heartfelt thanks go out to all who have supported us along the way!

  • Our relationship with the Seattle Parks Foundation (SPF) is relatively new, but has made a huge impact on the Children’s Garden.  As its main fiscal sponsor, SPF manages any grants that we apply for and receive from the City of Seattle Dept. of Neighborhoods, and manages all donations we receive through the annual Give Big Seattle Day each May and the annual nationwide Giving Tuesday event each November.This sponsorship has enabled the Children’s Garden Committee to raise funds for special projects such as new garden art, and for the expansion of the garden shed that now has enough space for all our teaching supplies plus 2 pop-up canopies for rainy day events!
  • Each step of the Children’s Garden design, creation, and stewardship has had the participation of trained Master Gardener (MG) volunteers.  When the original Children’s Garden Committee was formed in 2001, it was chaired by MG Cindy Hazard for the first 10 years, then by MG Emily Bishton for several more.  The Children’s Garden Committee’s current shared leadership structure includes multiple MG members as well.   The Master Gardener Foundation of King County also provides an annual budget to the Children’s Garden Committee to purchase supplies for free education classes and special events, as well as plants, tools, and other materials needed to maintain the garden.  In addition, this sponsorship enables any MG in King County to fulfill their required annual volunteer hours at Magnuson Children’s Garden events and special projects.  It also means that attendees at any of our events can also get free answers to their own home garden questions from trained Master Gardeners!

Did you know that King County Master Gardener volunteers also staff two free plant answer clinics that are very nearby?  The Center for Urban Horticulture clinic is located at 3501 NE 41st Street and open every Monday from April 2nd – October 29 from 4 p.m.- 8 p.m, and the City People’s Sand Point Store clinic is located at 5440 Sand Point Way NE and open from April- September on each 2nd Saturday from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. (both clinics are closed on holidays)

  • Magnuson Community Garden is the 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose 12-member volunteer board of directors manages the entire 4-acre community garden site, which includes the Children’s Garden, the P-Patch, Native Plant Border, Demonstration Orchard, Tranquil Garden, and Native Plant Nursery.  Each of these individual gardens provides a representative to the Magnuson Community Garden board as well.  The partnership between Magnuson Community Garden and the Seattle Dept. of Parks & Recreation is how and why the whole community garden site was designed and built.  The Magnuson Community Garden board can also receive donations on behalf of any of the individual gardens, including the Children’s Garden.
  • The Children’s Garden has been designed and planted with the participation of hundreds of local families, scout troops, campfire and 4-H groups, landscape professionals, community organizations, and others.  Volunteer power from these individuals and groups has also been the driving force in regular maintenance that keeps it growing healthy and beautiful every year!   One special partner that has been an essential part of the sustainability of the Children’s Garden every year since the beginning is a fabulous local non-profit called Seattle Works.  Their staff has organized dozens of Seattle Works Days, Hot Project Days, and Team Works events over the past 15 years, that have been attended by many hundreds of wonderful stewardship volunteers.

  • Our newest partners are the Seattle Audubon Society and Beavers Northwest! Volunteers and staff from both these organizations are joining Children’s Garden volunteers on our free nature walks, to provide expert bird identification, fascinating facts about Magnuson’s beavers, and help with pond-water sampling and other family-friendly fun activities!
  • Though the Children’s Garden is maintained by volunteers, the Seattle Parks grounds crew staff keeps us well-supplied with wood chip mulch for our stewardship events, mows the Rolling Lawn throughout the year, and has provided seating logs and stone benches for several of our gathering areas.  They also make sure our sidewalk stays clear and safe for all!
  • The Starbucks store in Wedgewood has been very generous over the past 10 years, providing many donations of hot coffee, hot water for tea and cocoa, cups and condiments, to warm the hearts (and bodies) of volunteers at most all of our stewardship events!