CG Committee

The Magnuson Children’s Garden Committee is a group of dedicated volunteers who have guided the garden’s creation and ongoing development since 2001.  We work together to host free monthly events for the public from spring to fall, manage the garden maintenance through community stewardship events, and plan fun new features!

We are now seeking volunteers to join us! The Children’s Garden Committee promotes diversity, equity and inclusion, and considers all interested candidates age 18 and older.  We love having members who have children or grandchildren that they like to bring with them to garden events too!

Using the motto, “Many hands make light work”, the committee’s leadership is shared between all members, with the following positions:

  • Volunteer Coordinator – Lois Hanson
  • Food Gardening Co-Leaders – Carol Laurier and Shannon Poll
  • Treasurer – Sarah Winkowski
  • MG Garden Leader Team Representative – Lois Hanson
  • Refreshments Leader – Bridget Sachse
  • Communication Co-Leader – Emily Bishton (co-leader needed)
  • Social Media Leader – Wanquin Su
  • Worm Bin Co-Leaders – Claire Carbary and Jessica Souyoultzis
  • Magnuson Community Garden Board Representative – currently vacant
  • Infrastructure Leader – currently vacant
  • Design Team Co-leaders- Wanquin Su and Shannon Poll
  • Education Team Co-Leader – Emily Bishton (co-leader needed)
  • Field Trip Scheduler – currently vacant


In 2023, we are especially in need of volunteers who would like to be involved in the following areas:

• Adult and family garden education;

• Plant health care, garden design;

• Social media, e-newsletter, and/or website development;

• Tool maintenance and infrastructure.

For more information, send us an email at  Thanks!

To read the bios of existing Children’s Garden Committee members, click on this link!